Shigeo Nonaka

Position: Owner/Master-Chef of Shoya Japanese

Born in Fukuoka City, southern part of Japan - Kyushu, Chef SHIGEO NONAKA started his apprenticeship in a very well established traditional first class Japanese restaurant OKAMOTO with 90 years of business history, and developed his skills as a Japanese chef. He had experienced several restaurants in Fukuoka City to improve and show-case his skills and techniques further decided to move to Australia with a dream of spreading Japanese cuisine in the western world, Chef Shigeo has been head hunted for important positions in various prestigious restaurants in Australia before settling in Victoria.

At the end of 2003, chef Nonaka decided to take the challenge of opening one of the most complex structured and biggest in seating capacity Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, at that time. The restaurant consists of Japanese style executive lounge bar, Karaoke rooms, sushi bar and fine tables, traditional HORIGOTATSU tables, BBQ facilities, all in different floors with total capacity of closer to 200 people in the whole building. Without any major advertisement, within less than 3 years, SHOYA started to gain its reputation and trust among the clients in the market - show business, corporate executives and expatriates, even visiting Iron Chef Master Kandagawa, and many Australians who lived in Japan and know what the real Japanese food is like.

In 2006, Shoya has received One Hat Award from one of the most prestigious restaurant ranking in Australia - The Age Good Food Guide 2007, among the selected restaurants, being stated as the best Japanese restaurant which we proudly won 7 more times.


Chef Shigeo also contributed his expertise to the area of newly establishing Japanese restaurants as well as other unsuccessful restaurants that needed advice and gears to improve. His ideas and suggestions were adopted in menu constructions, flavoring, concept buildings, service qualities, and all the other areas that successful restaurants need. Chef Shigeo continues to push the boundaries of modern Japanese with freshest exotic ingredients and an unwavering passion to bring his creations to Australia.